IN BLIND MOMENT: KUHeS Chancellor’s Trophy Committee keeps the detail under wraps


As the Chancellor’s Trophy at Kamuzu University of Health Science (KUHeS) formerly College of Medicine and Kamuzu College of Nursing, students are in dark moment as they are yet to know more about the details of the tournament.

The three-day tournament which comprises of different Sports disciplines, including Football, Netball, Women’s football, Volleyball among others, was initially scheduled for 23rd to 25th September this year before postponed for the current date.

“The Chancellor’s Trophy Committee would like to communicate the changes in dates for the Vice Chancellor’s Trophy games from the initial planned dates of 23rd-25th September 2022 to 14th-16th October, 2022. This includes the beauty contest, where selection of Mr and Mrs KUHeS takes place. The decision has been made following the change in the opening dates for Lilongwe and Kameza Campus Continuing Students. With the intention to promote full participation from all students, the games will be played in classes,” reads the memo by the organising committee dated 9th September.

However, going into the tournament, things are complicated as even the organising committee are failing to vomit the details of the tournament.

The Malawi Guardian took time to find out from the responsible people, starting with KUHeS, Lilongwe Campus Sports Director, Gracious Nyirenda, ironically, failed to answer and directed us to the organising committee.

“Am not the only person in the committee. Maybe, the Committee will release prizes,” he said.

The Chairperson of the Organising committee, Cecelia Tembo kept us in a blind house saying she would not divulge the details.

“I’m sorry to say that I can’t tell you the prizes and how much we’ve been allocated to because we haven’t been given the money yet. And the Director of Students Affair said we’ve to trimm some things so I don’t have the information now,” she explained.

Meanwhile, some students are trying to relate the incident to the one that happened last year at Kamuzu College of Nursing, Lilongwe Compus.

There was a an inter-classes tournament that was sponsored by the Standard Bank through Unayo whereby the organising committee led by Chrispin Gadama, the then-student Union President, lagged to commit to give the prize money to the best performing teams.

“At KUHeS, we do things Socially and in illogical way. How can we go to the tournament without knowing the prizes of it? And the SRC want to be opportunistic like Coccidioidomycosis , they want to have a share kuchokera pa tournament iyiyi.

“We are referring to the tournament that we played last year where we castrated all the classes, they don’t even give us our prize money.

“Gents, can’t we be like intellectuals, transparency and accountability are in our Constitution of the Republic, we can’t go and play a tournament that we haven’t been taken through the whole package of the prize money and the budget.

“I can mar the SRC as greedy and they want harvest more from this tournament, It’s been high time,” said one of the students, name withheld.

Students from two Lilongwe companies will be ferried to Blantyre today for the tournament.

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