One dies in Fire accident in Mzimba


A 38 year old man has died suddenly on Friday afternoon as he was trying to tranfer the Jerrycans of petrol to the market at Euthini in Mzimba.He has been identified as Robert Wiseman.

Wiseman was a servant to James Mtonga a business man and was also selling fuel and kept it in his dwelling house.

On the material day and time Wiseman (now deceased) was taking fuel to the market and in due course the fuel dropped on charcoal burner (Mbaula) and the house caught fire.

Wiseman failed to escape and died on the spot. The matter was reported to Police who visited the scene together with medical personnel. Postmortem results revealed that death was due severe burns.

Investigation underway to arrest the owner of the house, James Mtonga who is on the run. Mtonga will answer charges of operating illegal business.

Police are advising business people in the district to desist from operating illegal business such as selling of fuel to avoid such accidents.

Robert Wiseman hailed from Galawango Village in Traditional Authority Kapoloma in Machinga District.

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