Castel Malawi to suspend productions of some spirits due to forex


By Antony Isaiah Jr:…

Lack of forex in the country continues to render agonies to the business companies as the alcoholic beverages Company, Castel Malawi has announced the suspension of production of spirits Malawi Gin, Malawi Vodka and Premier Brandy.

According to the statement released by the company on Friday, Castel Malawi is failing to bring in packaging materials to sustain the supply of the aforementioned spirit brands.

“Management would like to advise all our valued customers and consumers that they will experience a shortage of Malawi Gin, Premier Brandy and Malawi Vodka on the Market. Castel has temporarily suspended the production of the spirits due to the persistent shortage of forex in the country at the moment, ” reads part of the statement.

The company added that coupled with the high excise rates spirits attract (110%) that push the prices up and the temporary suspension of production becomes the only decision for the current environment.

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