Malawi Young Pastors Network Congratulates Chakwera on Productive US Trip


A gouping of youthful men of God across the country called Young Pastors Network has applauded President Lazarus Chakwera for a successful trip to the United Nations in United States of America where among other things signed a $350 million compact for Malawi under the Millennium Challange Corporation (MCC).

Speaking at a press conference on Friday 7th October in Mzuzu, President of the grouping Webster Kameme said the trip by the State President as meaningful and will benefit Malawians in the long run.

“We watched and followed different media outlets as President Chakwera engaged with multiple investors and cooperating partners which gives hope for Malawi.

“President Chakwera touched all the sectors including Agriculture, Education, Health, Energy and Sports.
The president said it clear that the discussion were meant to benefit Malawi and that no political party should claim ownership or brag about the outcome, this is why Young Pastors network is urging all Malawians to support Dr. Chakwera’s agenda in order for this country to develop,” said Kameme.

He added that Malawians should give politics break and prioritise development we don’t have time for and that
Young Pastors Network are aware of ongoing economic hardship Malawians are facing.

“There is need to put our trust in GOD we will over come the challenges we are going through, other challenges need Malawians to work hard.
Malawians lets give President Chakwera time, we have to remember where we are coming from, we had Covid, Cylone Ana all these were needing urgent attention,” he added.

During the United Nations trip, President Chakwera also had an audience with Managing Director of the World Bank Group, Axel van Trotsenburg, on the $1.5 billion investment package for Malawi expected to roll out soon.

He also met with International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Ms. Kristalina Georgieva.

On his way back, Chakwera made a stop- over in Abu Dhabi for bilateral talks with the Royal family.

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