Govt hires IPTE 13 and 14 teachers


Four Thousand One Hundred and Twenty-five (4,125) Initial Primary Teachers (IPTE) cohort 13 and part of cohort of 14 are expected to be engaged by the ministry of education on a one-year contract.

The ministry of education on Monday announced through a statement saying that the auxiliary teachers will be posted in various Public Prinary Schools across the thirty-four (34) education districts in Malawi.

In statement, the ministry said if the funding opportunities arrives, the contacts for the auxiliary teachers will be renewed.

The temporary engagement of the auxiliary teachers forms part of the efforts by the Government to reduce the high teacher-to-learner rations across the country.

“The temporary contract period for this engagement is one academic year (2022/2023) and is renewable subject to the availability of funding opportunities.

“The IPTE 13 and 14 cohort teachers who are willing to take up this temporary teaching position are expected to report at their respective workstations on 5th October. Failure to report by 21st October 2022, will lead to the automatic withdrawal of the offer of engagement,” reads the statement.

The list of the IPTE 13 and 14 teachers and their assigned workstations has been sent to all Districts Education Offices, Local Council Offices, and Primary Teachers Training Colleges.

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