By Antony Isaiah Jr

The Competition interms of the performance of the players is expected to be ignited as the Super League of Malawi, Sulom strikes a K4.5 Million deal with the Farmers Organisation Limited.

The deal will see the Farmers Organisation Limited pumping in K4.5 Million, with K30,000 and miniature being awarded to the Man of The Match with just 78 games to go before the season ends.

Sulom president Tiya Somba Banda while acknowledging that the award has come at late stage of the Competition said the initiative will promote quality and competitiveness of the League.

“I would like to express our gratitude to Farmers Organisation for the bold decision that they have made to come into football and more specifically to inject K4.5 million direct to the player. As you are aware one of our co-principles of Sulom was to make sure that we motivate the player because we know that for the league to be more competative the player has to be motivated.

“We are very grateful to the Farmers Organisation for coming in though we have done with almost three-quarter of the season, we believe that we will finish very strong because of this agreement that we have made with the Farmers Organisation Limited. Football is a number one sport in the country as our country [Malawi] is an agro-economy country and this means that 90 percent of the people are Farmers and 90 percent of the people follow Football. So as Super League of Malawi we will ensure that Farmers Organisation Limited is the number one option for all the farmers in the country. We will work together with them and we are going to promote them,” he said

FOL National Sales and Marketing Manager Ronald Chilumpha said they decided to come up with the initiative as part of corporate social responsibility.

“We want to achieve our corporate responsibility objective and at the same time we are also looking at the entertainment that our farmers get out of football, we want to support that kind of entertainment for the farmer, the farmer is not supposed to be in the field throughout the day they need that kind of entertainment so that they relax and go back to their work” said Chilumpha.

The contract between the two sides has a close which says that if it bears fruits, Farmers Organisation Limited will renew the contract next season.

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