Three Arrested over witch craft accusation


Police in chiradzulu have arrested three people on charges witchcraft accusation.

The three are Henry Anusa 58, Mary Anusa 32 and Rute Anusa 22.

It is alleged that the suspects were charging person with witchcraft.

According to report, on 14 September 2022 during the night, the suspects in question went to the house of Fabian Nyozani carrying with them panga knives with an intention to kill Nyozani on allegation that he was responsible for bewitching one of their relatives.

Nyozani reported the matter to the village head man who referred him to police.

Upon receiving the report, officers visited the scene and managed to arrest the three.

They were all charged with charging person with witchcraft and will appear in court soon after all investigations are done.

Police in the district are reminding people not to take the law into their hands.

All the suspects come from Chikumba village Traditional Authority Kadewere in chiradzulu district.

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