Missing computer monitors cost Data clerk arrested in NkhataBay


Police in Nkhata Bay District are keeping in custody a 38-year-old man, Blessings Isaley in connection to the missing of three computer monitors (value not yet advised) from the data storage department where he works as a data clerk.

The missing of the items which happened at NkhataBay District Hospital was realised on September 13, 2022 in the morning.

The hospital administrator in the district, Madalitso Msolola said, the suspect was the last person to use the office on September 12, 2022 before the items went missing.

Further investigations show that when the custodian of the keys left for other duties, he left the keys with other officials who were on duty but with an assurance that the last person to leave the office must keep the keys and hand them over to him when he comes.

On the said date, Isaley was the last person to leave the office but did not observe this rule as in his response he said he left the keys at the reception, the matter that the receptionist denied.

He was immediately called to Nkhata Bay Police Station for questioning together with other officers. However, his failure to account for and explain how he handled the keys at the close of the business on the material date, landed him in police custody.

Meanwhile, the suspect who comes from Msonthe Village in Traditional Authority Kambwiri in Salima District, has already started appearing in court where he has denied the charge of theft by servant prompting the state to parade witness (es) in subsequent proceedings.

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