All are set for 5 million Ipite Trophy Semifinals


By Lucky Millias

The sponsor of 5 million Ipite Trophy Aubrey Dimba says the semifinal stage of this year tournament will starts on 24 September this month.

According to the sponsor, the Central Region Football Association Premier League gaints Kamuzu Barracks Reserve will face the defending champions of Aubrey Dimba Trophy, Nyasa Big Bullets Reserve at Aubrey Dimba stadium in Mchinji District.

Kamuzu Barracks Reserve cruising into the quarterfinals after hammering Malambo Football Club from Zambia by 2-1 while Nyasa Big Bullets Reserve reached the quarterfinals after beating Central Region Football Association Premier League gaints Villa Football Club by 2-0.

However Dimba believes that are teams that reached the quarterfinals are geared to reach into the finals therefore they have started preparations for the games.

“We know that every team wants to reach into the finals of this year tournament and this qurterfinals will be very turf but we are ready to manage all games well,” he says.

Dimba further says he is impressed with the tournament and he has also praises all teams that took part in this year tournament for displaying good football.

In another epic semifinals, Nyasa Capital Finance defending champions Silver Strikers Reserve will face the FDH Bank Cup contenders Extreme Football Club in October.

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