Malawians Lambast APM on calling for Chakwera’s resignation


By Antony Isaiah Jr

Malawians have have pummeled former State President Professor Peter Mutharika on his proposal for the resignation of Dr Lazarus Chakwera from his post.

Mutharika on Tuesday called for the resignation of the current president arguing that Chakwera and his government are insensitive to the plight of Malawians.

Mutharika lambasted Chakwera for having aimless travels while the country is in an economic crisis and blackouts.

Reacting to Mutharika’s sentiment on social media, the majority of ordinary Malawians lambasted Mutharika saying all these crisis that the country is going through were created during his regime.

Malawians said the problem of the Malawian politics is that one someone is in opposition party, he or she tend on criticising the rulling party instead of bringing the solutions to the problems.

“If this government is worse then the DPP government was the WORST just that the economic environment was better around the world during their tenure so they were not exposed as the current government.

“Truth be told DPP can even be the WORST government given the same circumstances.

“I even wonder this old has the guts to come out pretending as if he’s is a better leader than his counterpart…we know for sure that he’s part of the problems we’re facing today and coming out here playing heroes is an insult to Malawians.

“We’re not fool chifukwa timakunveserani mukamatinamiza,” commented Malawian on Zodika Facebook page.

“ not backing the incumbent president, but rather just to remind him that for Malawi to be in this deep s**t its because of the 6 yrs we wasted under his leadership, he failed us, his guru mostly plundered everything,” said another one.

People have criticised Mutharika for calling Democratic Progressive Party the only solution to the current problems arguing that they cannot solve the problems of Malawians while they are failing to solve the divisions among themselves in their party.

“If you failing to fix ddp problem, how can we trust you that you will fix our economy? Outdated go and rest we need new blood.munabako kunakwana basi,” commented another Malawian.

Mutharika said after the resignation of Chakwera, there must be an interim government to be running the country while pending another election in 90 days.

He said Democratic Progressive Party is ready to save Malawi from this economic crisis as the party has experts who can easily handle tje situation.

Peter referred to the situation of 2014 where he said there was a big gap in economy after the cashgate cases said to had happened during Dr Joyce Banda’s regime.

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