APM ask Chakwera to Resign for being insensitive to voters


By Antony Isaiah Jr

The former state President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has called on the incumbent state President Dr Lazarus Chakwera to resign from his post for being insensitive to the plight of the Malawians.

Mutharika, 82, was speaking during the national address at the PAGE House in Mangochi on Tuesday saying that people have lost their trusts in the tonse alliance.

Peter has lambasted Chakwera for travelling outside Malawi while the country is in economic crisis.

“The government of Dr Chakwera has been insensitive to the plight of Malawians. I understand that He decided to leave the country while Malawi is in economic crisis. As a government, our presence is there to manage crisis whenever it arises not to run away from it, that’s being irresponsible, and I have asked him t come back immediately.

“They are careless and the president himself is careless in spending resources. I never flew by jet in my international travels. I normally had a jet from here to Johnsburg or Dubai. Jets are very expensive and that money could have been used in medicine,” said APM.

Peter who lost the 2020 election said the tonse alliance government doesn’t understand where there is the problem, they instead blame the past regime.

“They keep on blaming the effect of Covid 19, the Russia-Ukraine war or DPP, this shows that there is a lack of perception of the problem. Is not the job of the government to try to find out who to blame but to solve the problems, that’s what they must be doing.

“Our neighbouring countries, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique have Covid-19, Russia-Ukraine War, but they are doing well. The job of the government is to deal with those problems and solve them,” added Mutharika.

He added that Chakwera is too much loquacious as he just saying Malawi is rising yet Malawi is rising in poverty.

“Because of these things, then we have consequences like high cost of living whereby Malawians are failing to access best commodities like salt, sugar, cooking oils or school fees.

“We don’t solve the electric crisis by crying, there is a shortage of fuel. We are borrowing too much and we have to manage that debt. There is no medicine in hospitals.

“The economy has collapsed, it is at the same as where we found it in 2014,” said Peter.

Mutharika said Chakwera must obey to promise that he made during the campaign that he would resign if he fails to change things in two years.

He added that the government has lost the trust of ordinary Malawians.

“It’s two years now, he has not changed anything or tried to change anything. I think he should resign immediately and after the government resign, there must be a caretaker government for it to assist the recovery economy. As far as DPP is concerned, we are ready to assist on an interim government and we have experts capable of doing that. We have experts who assisted us in the recovery of the economy in 2014 after cashgate.

“After the creation of the caretaker government, there must be elections within 90 days,” added Mutharika.

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