Two people and a Toddler die in Rukuru River


A 27-year-old mother Emma Mtonga and her 3-year daughter Alina Mtonga died after drowning in Rukuru River in Edingeni in Mzimba District.

A day later another 27-year-old man also died by drowning in the same Rukuru River in Bulala in the district. He has been identified as Gift Nyirenda.

Emma Mtonga who happened to be unsound-mind went missing for three weeks, only to be found with her 3 year old daughter tied on her back both dead on Friday September 9, 2022 at around 1500 hours in Rukuru River in Edingeni.

Postmortem which was conducted by Edingeni Health Center personnel revealed that both died due suffocation secondary to drowning.

On Friday September 9, 2022, Gift Nyirenda went to Kavinya Trading Center as it was a Marketing Day. To reach the place from his home they cross Rukuru River.

Nyirenda did not report back, and family members decided to follow him up on the following day, Saturday 10 September, 2022 and found him drowned in Rukuru River lifeless at around 0800 hours.

Postmortem conducted at Bulala Health Center revealed that Nyirenda died due suffocation because of drowning.

Emma Mtonga and her daughter Alina Mtonga hailed from Chisakasa Village in Traditional Authority M’mbelwa while Gift Nyirenda hailed from Levi Mphande Village in Traditional Authority Chindi in Mzimba District.

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