Mtetemera labels trip to North as tough


By Antony Isaiah Jr

Sable Farming Football Club mentor, MacDonald Mtetemera has labelled the trip to the north as arduous.

The Chiradzulu-based farmers have assigned two games up north after a two-week break as they are facing Moyale Barracks on Saturday before taking on Ekwendeni Hammers 24 hours later at Mzuzu Stadium.

Moyale Barracks who are on a three-game winning streak after beating Mafco, Karonga United and Ekwendeni Hammers collected maximum points ahead of Sable in the first round after beating them by two goals to nill with Raphael Phiri claiming a brace at Mpira Stadium on May 12, 2022.

Ekwendeni Hamers are struggling for consistency as they sit 13th and they are also eager for victory as they are trying to escape from a chop.

Sable occupy 14th place with 15 points from 18 games and amassing six points will see them displacing Hammers in 13th place.

Mtetemera said amassing maximum points in the north will help his team to move towards their goal of remaining in the league this season and he admitted that his Arsenals are ready for the battle.

“We rested for about two weeks and we’re back into the field this week,these two games are crucial,they are difficult games because we are coming from the break. Moyale is at least doing fine,Ekwendeni and Sable are on the same pace as they are all fighting to remain in the league. It will not be easy but we will try to play and have positive result.

“We have been working on some of the mistakes that we have been incurred in our previous games so that we should be in shape,I have watched Ekwendeni, and I saw some of their weaknesses. We are in Northern Region to play two games and hopefully with the spirit in the camp and also looking at the support rendered to us from the management we are hopeful and sure we will collect six points this weekend.

“We need to do right things if we are to conquer our friends, players are doing what I’m telling them to do and this gives me hope that we will get the points that we are looking for,” said Mtetemera.

Moyale Barracks Prichard Mwansa said playing at home, they will do everything to amass maximum points while acknowledging that Sable are a good side.

“Sable are a good side, winning against them in Blantyre it was another game and this is another game. They are doing fine as they are fighting for survival but as Moyale, we will try as much as possible to control the game.

“We need to work hard and encourage the boys to maintain the performance that they showed in Karonga last week.

“We are now improving, we have played almost 5 games, winning four and losing one, this means that there is an improvement and these boys are working hard, doing really good. If we maintain this performance, am sure that we will finish on a good position but it will be tough because Sable are a good side,” said Prichard Mwansa.

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