Sangoma Mvula sent back to jail,


………Appeal rejected

The High Court in Lilongwe has dismissed an appeal by a ruthless Sangoma Wingstone Mvula who defrauded a woman whose husband had died of K13m. The ruthless con man cheated the woman that he had magical powers to raise a dead person. He demanded K2m from the woman who paid. He then demanded another K70,000 for food to eat during the raising of the dead man.

He invited the lady to go to the graveyard where he show the lady a raised husband but ordered her to use any light as the husband may die again. The con man demanded K7m and the desperate woman went to get a loan at Finca.

Delivering his judgement, Judge Mvula wondered how a man can claim to raise the dead. He wondered if Mr Mvula wanted to rival Jesus. He stated that if the con man was not 60 years old, he would have enhanced his sentence.

Wingstone Mvula was appealing against his conviction and sentence of 3 years imprisonment. His appeal was dismissed and back to Maula, perhaps to raise a few more prisoners.

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