UTM Members say Chilima is being disrespected in Tonse Alliance


By Antony Isaiah Jr

Members of the United Transformation Movement (UTM) party say their President, Dr Saulos Chilima who is the state Vice President is not receiving the respect that he is supposed to in the 9-party tonse alliance.

The party Members made the remarks on Sunday in Blantyre where the party conducted its first mega rally since June 23, 2020 elections at Nyambadwe Ground in the Twonship of Ndirande.

The rally was being led by the Party’s vice president, Dr Michale Usi who is also the minister of tourism and Secretary general, Patricia Kaliati who is the minister of gender.

The party Members said their party which contributed greatly to the Tonse Alliance victory in the 2020 court-sanctioned Fresh Presidential Elections and they are being sidelined in several government initiatives for example Loans being disbursed under NEEF.

Making the remarks, UTM director of Youths, Penjani Kaluwa said what is happening in the alliance is not what is in the agreement signed in 2020 in their effort to get rid of Peter Mutharika out of the governance.

Kaluwa popularly known as Fredo said they were not agreed to have their President being sidelined in any decision made.

“M’mene tinkakhazikitsa Tonse Alliance adatiuza kuti tili pa kaliyala? Ndirande Ghetto ingakhale pa kaliyala? Tikamadzavotanso mtsogolomu tidzakhale otha kusambira kuti zinthu zikavuta pakati pa nyanja, tidzathe kudumpha nkusambira,”said Kalua.

Meanwhile, some party officials have urged Dr Chilima to quit the alliance because their party is getting raw deal.

Nyambadwe Ward Councillor and Blantyre City Deputy Mayor Funny Baraba, UTM Party Presidential campaign director Felix Njawala and director of security Luois Ngalande made the pronouncements saying the disrespect towards their President is swelling in the alliance.

“Other supporters of the alliance members are disrespecting our president but we are not going to fight back because its not our norm, we are a party which is very respectful, ” said Ngalande.

Michael Usi has backed the officials arguing that they (officials) are not happy with the plight that the citizens are facing in the country.

“Peope are going through very big problems, so it’s obviously you would not expect them to be happy with it. They deserve to say so because they are not happy with the sufferings,” said Usi.

Making her remarks at the rally, the Secretary general for the party Patricia Kaliati said the party continues to grow citing the increase in the number of Members of Parliament in the National Assembly.

“We now have 12 members of Parliament from 5 that we had in 2019 when we just formed the party. As a party we will do research and see how best to move forward and we urge those who would like to join us to come forward and contest in their various constituencies and wards,” said Kaliati.

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