Green Land award plot to Silver Strikers player of month


By lucky Millias

Silver Strikers Football Club left back Maxwell Paipi has been voted as player of the month at his club.

Paipi who was at Silver Strikers reserve side last year has been voted as August player by his teammates and supporters.

Speaking after receiving his medal, money and land from Mike Green Land, Paipi said he is delighted to be the first player in the Sky blue camp to receive such price.

He believes this will motivates him to continue working hard as he is looking forward to be one of prominent player at Central Bankers as well as in Malawi football.

“I am grad that this has happening to me and I did not think that I can be voted as player of August considering the talent and skills that we have in our team.

” This will motivates me a lot in my career and I am looking forward to win more trophies and special awards with this team,” he said.

On his part, Silver Strikers Chief Executive Officer Thokozani Chimbali praises the sponsor of player of the month Green Land Company for the support and love of football they have in the country.

Chimbali hopes that all Silver Strikers players will continue working hard during training and games to win the promising land and money from the sponsor.

Commenting on they part, one of official from Green Land company Andrew Chisale said they are happy that they have started for filling they promise of awarding Silver Strikers players with lands.

He however encourages all Silver Strikers supporters to continue supporting and loving their team to continue being one of big teams in the country.

“We introduced this to encourage the players and atleast helping them with something like land so that they should fill good even after leaving football,” Andrew said.

After voted as player of the month, Maxwell Paipi received money amounting 100 thousand kwacha, medal and land size 15×30.

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