Tonse Government behind the cause of non ending blackouts- APM


By Antony Isaiah Jr

The former State President Professor Authur Peter Mutharika has blames the current regime, Tonse Alliance government for failing to deal with the problem of persistent blackouts in the country.

Malawi has been sickned by the problem of persistent power outages and the situation has been triggered by the destruction of Kapichira Hydro-power Station that led to the loss of about 129 megawatts on national grid due to the Tropical Cyclone Ana.

Mutharika who was dethroned from the Presidency during the 2020 Fresh Presidential Elections said the Chakwera’s led Tonse Alliance government are behind the problem of power outages in the country.

In a statement signed by his Spokesperson, Shadrick Namalomba, Peter Mutharika said he condemns the lack of leadership behind the problem saying the Tonse Government has deliberately departed from the truth about the cause of the qn ongoing and endless blackouts.

Mutharika said he was surprised by the ministers of government for missing the opportunity to tell the Malawians the truth electricity blackouts, instead they blamed his DPP government of sabotaging the Tonse Government to deliver Power all day without the issue of blackouts.

“Malawians should now know that this Tonse Alliance government of His Excellency, Dr Lazarus Chakwera is the cause of these non ending electricity blackouts, ” reads part of the statement.

Peter Said Chakwera cancelled the only lifeline contract with Aggreko which was providing 78megawatts of power and this was done at a time when the Natuon had lost 129.6 megawatts on 24th January, 2022 due to the devastating Cyclone Ana that hit the country.

“President Chakwera cancelled the only lifeline contract with Aggreko which was providing 78megawatts of power. The decision was made at time the Nation had lost 129.6 megawatts at Kapichira Hydro-power plant on 24th January, 2022 due to devastating Cyclone Ana that hit the country and parts of Southern Africa. As a result of this poor decision, the available capacity was reduced by almost 50% putting pressure on the operating machines. As we speak now, Egenco’s available capacity is 256.6 megawatts of which less than 60% of power is being produced on daily basis by machines that are operating,” added Mutharika.

He has since called for Dr Lazarus Chakwera and His Tonse Government to exercise his leadership by addressing the problem of electricity blackouts immediately.

He has urged Chakwera to call for a National Dialogue involving all stakeholders to discuss the solutions to end the problem and Mutharika said he is open to provide technical experts from his Party should Chakwera merit it.

“A decisive leadership does not cry in public. A decisive leadership cannot cancel a contract for 78megawatts without any replacement. A decisive leadership does not accuse the patriotic civil servants working day and night to produce electricity and lighten our homes of political sabotage. A decisive leadership does not frown on challenges. And a decisive leadership does not create excuses but deals with the problem before it head on,” added the statement from Mutharika.

Meanwhile, the Tonse Government has assured the Malawians that the ongoing problem of persistent electricity blackouts will be addressed by December this year.

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