Man dies after fasting for three weeks


Police records FNU has seen show that death was recorded today on 28 August 2022 around 7 AM at Lisawo forest in Chiradzulu district.

The deceased Kenneth Mkwanda aged 48 died in the forest due to starvation after fasting for three weeks without taking any food.

Facts are the deceased was a well known believer who used to pray and fast around various hills. On 05 August 2022 the deceased left his house at Machinjiri area and went to Lisawo forest hill where he had been fasting and praying, he spent days and nights in the forest just drinking water without taking any food.

At one point in time the forestry patrol team came across him and when they asked him why he was just taking water without food the deceased informed them that he was told by God to fast for 40 days without taking food.

Namadzi Health Centre postmortem revealed that death was due to Hypoglycemia secondary to starvation. No foul play is suspected.

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