Immigration deports 11 foreigners


Northern Region Immigration Office authorities have deported 9 Pakistan Nationals and 2 Bangladesh nationals on 23 August,2022.

In April,2022 ,the 11 illegal migrants; Arslan Akhtar,
Muhammad Sajjad,
Billa Hamid Bhatti,
Ali Huraira,
Umair Hassan,
Hamid Mohamad,
Muhammad Naman,
Furman Irfan,Taimoor Rasheed, all from Pakistan and Methun MD,
Mosharrof Hossain both from Bangladesh were arrested in Karonga.

It was unveiled that the migrants entered into the country using unchartered routes and had passports but without visas. The court found the illegal immigrants guilty of illegal entry offence contrary to section 21(1) of the Malawi Immigration Act.

The court further ordered that after completion of the sentences, all the convicts should be deported to their home country.

All the 11 illegal immigrants served and finished their jail term at Karonga prison.

They were all declared Prohibited Immigrants under section 4(1)f and deported through Kamuzu International Airport.

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