Police in the country are worrying with the ride of suicide cases in the Malawi with fresh three cases within 24 hours in Mzimba and Rumphi where two women and on Man commits suicide.

In Mzimba where a 50-year-old woman has committed suicide by throwing herself in South Rukuru River in Mzimba.

She has been identified as Rose Tembo from William Ngwenya Village in Traditional Authority Mmbelwa in Mzimba District.

It is reported that Tembo was staying with her husband in Edingeni area in the district and on Monday August 22, 2022, her husband left home for farming at the nearby garden at around 06:00 hours leaving the wife (now deceased) behind.

The time the husband reported back from the garden, he discovered that his wife is not around. He started searching for her.

Tembo was found in South Rukuru River about 3 kilometers from home, floating in the water at around 11:00 hours.

In another case a man in his old age has committed suicide over family disputes in Rumphi.

He has been identified as Clement Simfukwe from Vyalema Village in Traditional Authority Chikulamayembe in Rumphi District.

It is reported that on August 22, 2022 Simfukwe (now deceased) picked a quarrel with his wife for the reasons best known to themselves.

Soon after picking a quarrel with his wife, Simfukwe, immediately started assaulting his wife the same evening and by the time, their first born daughter was attending evening studies at school.

Fear gripped Simfukwe upon seeing his wife in unconscious state and he ran away to unknown destination.

Upon returning from school, the daughter found her mother in unconscious condition and she informed her uncle who immediately took her to Rumphi District Hospital.

Simfukwe has been found on August 23, 2022 at Rukulu River near Valabawo Bridge hanging in a guava tree and the matter was reported to Rumphi Police.

Speaking to Sub Inspector Peter Botha, Mzimba Police Station PRO said as Police they are very worried as almost everyday they are receiving cases connected to suicide.

“As Police we are advising members of the community to refrain from the act of terminating lives once misunderstandings rise in families and they should rather seek advice from relevant authorities, sought better solutions to relevant authorities whenever they have inner conflict to avoid such incidents,” he said.

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