Egenco to construct temporary Dam to curb power outages


By Antony Isaiah Jr

The Electricity Generation Company (Egenco) has announced that they have plans in place to construct a temporary dam in its quest to curb the problem of power outages that has riddled the country.

Speaking yesterday during the meeting with a joint committee of the Parliamentary committe on Natural Resources and Climate Change, Public Accounts Committee, Legal Affairs, and Trade and Industry, Egenco Assistant Public relations Officer, Mervin Mchenga said the dam will help to restore at least 75 per cent of the power generation capacity by December this year.

“The dam that we are planning to construct will give us about 60 megawatts and above. So this will help us in term of power situation.

“Be assured that we have a team that is working 24/7 to make sure that power generation is restored by 23rd December this year,” said Mchenga.

Malawians are suffering from blackouts and the situation have been triggered by the destruction of Kapichira Hydro-power Station that has led to the loss of about 129 megawatts on national grid due to the Tropical Cyclone Ana.

Egenco deputy director of Finance Delano Ulanje said admitted that the destruction of the Kapichira Dam has extremely affected the nation in term of power supply.

He added that Egenco is working on the problem and vowed to have the power situation improved by December. He said by December, 50 percent of Kapichira Hydro-power Plant generation capacity will be restored.

Egenco said full rehabilitation works of the Kapichira Hydro-power Station will be completed in three years.

Meanwhile, the players in the power section are seeking a 36 percent tarrif hike to arguing that they want to cover the costs incurred in producing and distribution electricity across the country.

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