Chakwera Calls for member states to remain strong, development aspirations


The outgoing Chairperson of the Southern Africa Development Community, Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has called on the member states in the region to remain a strong force in advancing the bloc’s development aspirations.

He was speaking when making his keynote at the 42nd Ordinary Summit of SADC Heads of State and Government in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo when he was handing over the Chairmanship of the region to the President of DRC, Felix Tshisekedi.

Chakwera said there is need to protect and defend the mineral and natural resources for the growth of the regional economy saying the continent has been the victim of oppression.

The President of Malawi said its now time to cut off the oppression and be free from it saying Africa is not for Sale.

“With the resources that we have in our continent, we refuse to be anyone’s beggars, and with unity, we must refuse to let anyone stealing fromm or use us to steal from our own people or each other.

“We must defend what is ours and make sure that no one takes from us what belongs to us. Let’s show the world with one voice that Africa is not for sale,” said Chakwera.

He added that the lack of peace and stability in DRC is due to the selfishness of the Western world which is sponsoring the unrest in the gold rich nation.

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