Mzuzu City Mayor in cooler for defilement


Police in Mzuzu have arrested His Worship the mayor of the city of Mzuzu Councilor Gift Desire Nyirenda on suspicion that he defiled his 14 year old niece.

It was reported that during the night of 01-02/08/2022 at Nkhorongo location Luwinga. The victim(name withheld) a standard seven girl was sleeping together with suspect’s daughter in their home being his uncle. It is alleged that he came to her room only to put off the lights then left.

After some few minutes he came again and he went straight to the bed of the victim and defile her after tearing her pant. He wanted to give the victim two thousand kwacha but she refused then he threatened her not to reveal or she will be killed.

On 2nd august night he came again but the victim refused. Then on the night of 3-4 August 2022 he came again and defiled her more than once. The suspect have been defiling the victim for five nights and each night more than once except the first night he did it once.

He promised her to buy a cell phone for her for easy communication but she refused. Then she reported the matter to the maid but she didn’t say any word then on 08/08/2022 she reported the matter to his Aunt but she didn’t say anything.

On 12/08/2022 at around 21:00hours the wife to the suspect who also happens to be her Aunt called her and advise her to leave her house. Upon hearing the news she packed her belongs and reported the matter to Mzuzu police station. The victim is at Mzuzu Police Station VSU.

The victim was sent to Mzuzu health centre for examination and the results were positive.

Currently suspect arrested and will appear before court soon

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