FPUM threatens to report Clubs to FIFA over players’ welfare


The Football Players Union of Malawi has threatened to report the Clubs that are failing to consider the welfare of players in the country to the World Football governing body, FIFA Pro.

Speaking to local media house, the General Secretary for the Union, Ernest Mangani says there are some clubs that are playing in the elite league, Super League but are failing to consider the welfare of players but Football Association of Malawi granted them licences to play in the league.

Mangani says issuing licence to Clubs that are failing to consider players’ welfare is not in line with Club licensing hence threatens to report the issue to the FIFA Pro for assistance if it persists.

“Our players in Malawi are still not respected. Salaries are very low. Some clubs are paying players less than K30,000 monthly which is against the government policy which says that an employed person should not be paid less than K50,000 monthly.

“We are planning to hold a meeting where we will try to gain new methodologies on how to work with the bodies that are running our Football in Malawi.

“Football Association of Malawi are the one’s spearheading our football, as such we expected them to force teams to follow the club licensing issues but players are not respected,” Ernest Mangani.

Meanwhile, Club Licencing and Compliance manager, Casper Jangale says they have put in place new strategies to ensure that players’ welfare are being considered in the country.

“The issue of no overdue payable was tuckled at our meeting in Egypt. Teams should not owe players money. Even coaches are not supposed to be owed money by the Clubs. We will start applying this rule as we starts the 2023 season. We will make sure that clubs that are failing to fulfill club licencing requirements will not not be allowed to play in the league,” said Jangale.

He added that for a club to be issued with The Licence must fulfill all the club licensing and compliances, that is 100 per cent as grading has been abolished. He said Fam will not issue a licence to a club scoring below 100 per cent.

“Only two things will be followed, whether the club has passed the Club licencing test or has failed. So if the Club fails, they will not be allowed to re-submit new papers,” said Jangale.

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