Fisd International Volleyball tourney set off in Mzuzu


25 teams have completed the Fisd International Volleyball tournament which has rolled off on Friday 12 August 2022 at Katoto courts in Mzuzu.

This year’s tournament that has also invited teams from the neighbouring countries is expected to take centre stage on Saturday before a final showpiece on Sunday 14 August 2022.

Making his statement on the onset of the tournament, Killy Msukwa one of the organisers said the first games have given a highlight of the event which has started on a high pitch in regard to the local and international teams participation.

“Said Msukwa; some of teams have not made it due to other assignments but at least teams from Zambia has managed to join and we hope for a better tournament this year.

Msukwa then indicated that the tournament has this far produced technical fruits hence the idea to involve international teams so that local teams improve their game standard of play to match their counterparts.

“The main reason we invite international teams is to build a capacity and lay an improving platform for our local teams; voiced Msukwa.

So far teams from Zambia and Tanzania registered their arrival to participate in this years International Volleyball tournament.

The 2022 Mzuzu International tournament has layed off with last year’s men’s champions Mbeya best VI expected to volley their first ball tomorrow while the rival the finalists Moyale men recording two straight wins respectively.

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