Government urges Macra to create Conducive Environment for players in ICT sectors


The Government has urged the Malawi Regulatory Authority (MACRA) to create a conducive environment to players in the Information Communication Technology Industry.

Making the remarks was the minister of Information and digitalisation Gospel Kazako in Lilongwe at the opening of the Macra Open Day in Lilongwe.

Kazako said the resources that Macra uses are for Malawians hence need for the good environment for the service providers and consumers.

Kazako said having a developed media industry is one of the agendas in the vision 2063 as every department like agriculture, Education, Economy hinge on ICT.

“Macra must play its role fairly, making sure that they are not there to be as a negative boarding master. They must make sure that they negotiate with their licences hence trying to create a conducive environment for everyone in the system to operate. They must fulfill their obligations, ” said Kazako.

However, Kazako has also urged the service providers and consumers to fulfill their obligations.

“Service providers, consumers must also consider their obligations. They have to pay for licence fees, frequency fees and all other fees that they are being asked to pay,” added the minister.

Kazako called upon Macra to inculcate and try to understand the problems presented by the service providers but also the service providers must understand the roles of the Regulatory body.

He said, “There must be some sort of understanding for us to curb all the problems that have been arising concerning Macra and the service providers.”

Kazako has since urged people who would like to come into spaces of media, telecommunications and postal to understand what happens in the industry.

“Sometimes we look at certain things from afar but when you get into there, you lose your feet on the ground.

“When you are, for example, in the media, there are so many things that you have to look at. Macra will ask you if you have enough capital, reporters, broadcasting engineers, editors, presenters,and standard equipment.

“When running the business, you have to pay taxes to government, frequency fees every year, licence fees at a particular period, you have to pay rentals, staff, electricity and you have yo make sure that you are fulfilling. When you are doing the right things you start yo smile,” articulated Kazako.

Recently, there have been many issues around Macra and Service providers on Licence fees and Rainbow Television was closed after failing to pay their fees.

The Open Day was according to the Director General of Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority, (MACRA) Daudi Suleman organized with aim of discussing licenses and Consumers to interact with the authority and the line ministry on the quality of Information Communication Technology functions.

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