Nankhumwa accused of disrespecting the party


Leader of opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa has been accused of disrespecting the Party, Democratic Progressive for holding unapproved rally in Blantyre.

The Party’s Southern regional governor Charles Mchacha through Facebook says the Member of Parliament for Mulanje Central had to show respect to the former State President, Professor Peter Mutharika who is also the party’s president.

Mchacha says Nankhumwa was nurtured by Peter Mutharika and the former president helped the party to grow during his time.

Mchacha also said people turned up at Nankhumwa’s rally just because it was spiced up by the presence of Black Missionary Band.

He said, “Nankhumwa should not take Peter Mutharika for granted simply because he is out of Government. Who was him without Mutharika?

“That rally was for Black Missionaries not for DPP. People in Southern Region love Black Missionaries that’s why they flocked to the scene.”

However, Zomba Chisi Member of Parliament, Mark Botomani has blasted Mchacha’s sentiment saying Democratic Progressive Party is currently out of Government because of people like Mchacha who uses foul languages.

“He does his things with impunity, he uses foul languages in public. He will go down the political history as the regional governor who doesn’t mind his tongue, ” said Botomani.

Kondwani Nankhumwa, Dalitso Kabambe, Bright Msaka are expected to battle for the Presidency of the party at the convention next year.

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