The Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly, Kondwani Nankhukwa has thrown his weight behind the Anti-corruption Burreau director general, Martha Chizuma saying some government officials are conspiring to ditch him away.

The Democratic Progressive Party Presidential Candidate says he will do everything to make sure that Chizuma remains at her post.

“I know that there are some government officials are planning to fire Martha Chizuma from her post, but as a leader of opposition I will not accept that happen.

“Am throwing my weight behind her to remain at her post and make sure that she handles his duty freely,” said Nankhumwa.

Nankhumwa said slammed the selective justice and said anyone who is complicated in Corruption cases should face the legal action without considering the party that he or she belongs to.

“We don’t need to see only DPP members being arrested, we need justice for all as selective justice is not one of our pillars in Malawi.

“There are some people in Malawi Congress Party who also got themselves into the corruption cases and they should also face the legal action,” said Nankhumwa.

The President some months ago described the report from the Anti-Corruption Bureau that unmasked Sattar’s bribe beneficiaries as an example of substandard work because of the glaring information gaps in it, including the absence of any information about what the Bureau’s plan of action is.

Malawi Guardian quoted, “I consider the report to be an example of substandard work. And on a matter as serious and sensitive as this, Malawian deserves better.
“An investigation of this scope, of this seriousness, and of this sensitivity requires skillful hands and cool head, to avoid rookies procedural and strategic mistakes that risk giving the corrupt cartels in our land footing to obstruct and oppose every move we make to defeat them. The stakes are way too high for that. What Malawians deserves from Bureau in substance that makes a difference in pursuit of justice, not just suspicion that makes the headlines.”

Chakwera’s remarks fueled some people to think that the President had the plans to remove Chizuma from the post for incompetence.

This was followed by mass demonstrations in the country as people were demanding for the removal of the boss and they went on to hand their petition asking for the removal of Chizuma.

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