Nankhumwa confident of scooping a victory at DPP convention in 2023


The Leaders of opposition and Vice President in the Southern Region for the former rulling party, Democratic Progressive Kondwani Nankhumwa says he is confident that he will emerge victorious in the forthcoming party’s convention.

Nankhumwa was speaking in Blantyre during the Democratic Progressive Party Mega rally at Nyambadwe Primary School.

Nankhumwa is currently facing a stiff competition from his fellow contenders like former governor of Reserve Bank, Dr Dalitso Kabambe and even Peter Mutharika for the Presidency of the party.

Speaking to the crowd that turned up for the event, Nankhumwa says whether black or white, victory is on his side.

“I will go and compete for the post at the convention. Wherever it is going to happen, I will go there. Am ready to compete with everyone at the convention and am hopefully that I will win the hearts of Malawians,” said Nankhumwa.

He also quashed reports that he is against and insults the incumbent President of the party, Professor Peter Mutharika saying there is a good relationship among them.

“Some people spread false reports that I do insult Professor Mutharika, but I can say that this is a total lie. I don’t have a valid reason to insult President Mutharika. I do respect him.

“I have been working with him for a while now and he is the one who has made the today’s Nankhumwa. He took me from the scratches and am now a somebody,” added Nankhumwa.

It seems like there is a rift in the party as some of the members of Parliament are behind Kondwani Nankhumwa while others are in Kabambe’s shoulders.

Professor Mutharika held a meeting with some party members of Parliament where they agreed to ditch Nankhumwa from the post of Leaders of opposition in the national assembly and replace him with Chikhosi but the appointment is yet to be approved by the house as Nankhumwa and some members of Parliament took an injunction against it.

Democratic Progressive Party which was formed in early 2000s will hold its Convention in 2023 where they will elect the touch-bearer to lead the party during the 2025 General election.

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