Unknown people abduct Sylvester Namiwa


Hours before the country wide mass demonstrations that to be staged on Thursday, July 28, on Wednesday afternoon Unknown people have abducted the CDEDI Executive Director, Silvester Namiwa in Lilongwe.

Namiwa was expected to lead the anti-tonse alliance government demonstrations tomorrow, Thursday and he went on missing after addressing members of the press in Lilongwe on the planned demonstration.

Edwin Mauluka who is a communications officer for CDEDI has confirmed the development saying the ling-leader went missing just minutes after holding the press.

“Another vehicle that had no number plate stopped us as we were heading home. The unknown car stopped in front of us and pulled out Namiwa out of vehicle,” explained Mauluka.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Consultative Committee-HRCC says its a shocking move and it has learnt with sadness.

Chairperson of HRCC, Robert Mkwezalamba said the practice is against democracy as it is empending citizens from voicing out their words.

The HRCC has vowed to hold tonse-led Government accountable if anything goes wrong with Civil Rights activists, Silvester Namiwa.

“The state has the obligations to investigate and tell Malawians the truth on who is behind the abduction.

“As HRCC along with 197 registered Non Governmental Organisation and on behalf of All Malawians will be holding Government accountable if anything wrong happen to Mr Namiwa,” said Mkwezalamba.

CDEDI communication Officer said the issue has been reported to the Lilongwe police Station for investigations.

Namiwa and other groups are against the presidential immunity and they are expected to hold demonstration pushing for the amendment of the constitution as one way of fighting against Corruption.

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