Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) says the National Addressing System NAS and post coding of the country is on track despite facing vandalism of its infrastructure.

NAS Manager, Limbani Sekani, said Malawi has successfully done Post code pilot phase as well as the development of the new addressing standards.

Sekani said the postcode and addressing system will help Malawians to be recognised internationally when it comes to applying for international ventures such as scholarships and identification.

MACRA expects the systems to be operational by this December 2022 for all the cities and municipal councils, and all corners of Malawi by 2030.

However, Sekani has singled out the vandalism of infrastructures as a setback in the implementation of the coding and addressing system.

Poor urban planning, rural addressing, cooperation with stakeholders and finances are some of the challenges affecting the processes.

Source: Mbc

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