Castel Malawi adjust soft drinks prices up


castle Malawi Limited has effective 25 July 2022 adjusted upwards the prices of its products.

The adjustment has now put Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Sprite order prices pegged at MK7,470 per 20-bottle crate while the selling price goes to MK450,00 per 300ml bottle

Cocopina and Cherry plum order price MK6,640 selling Price MK 400 per bottle of 250ml bottle

Squash 2ltrs 15,624.54 selling Price MK 3bottle bottled.

Plastic Bottled 300ml Coke, Fanta, Sprite order price is now MK4,980 while the recommended selling Price is MK500,00 per bottle

Cocopina and Cherry plum order price has been adjusted to MK4,482 while the selling Price is now MK450 per bottle

The development follows the unstable local currency to the major trading currencies affecting the cost of raw materials.

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