Mozambique repatriate its Flood survivors from Malawi


The government of Mozambique is exercising the duty of repatriating over 2,000 citizens that are seeking refuge at Bangula Camp and other various refuge camps in Nsanje District.

The exercise commenced on Thursday, July 21 and it is expected to take five days. The government of Mozambique dispatched three big buses that are being used in carrying the citizens.

The citizens being carried are the victims of Tropical Storm ANA which hit most parts of the country on July 24, 2022. The Cyclone killed several people as well as rending others homeless. It also washed away crops and livestock among others.

Over 2000 households are being transported through both water and road back to their base country after seeking shelter in some camps in Malawi in the upshot of the devastating Tropical ANA.

For those who are using Water transport, busses are ferrying the survivors to Tengani from Bangula to access boats.

Director of Disaster in Mozambique, Ceazer Tembe said the plots for the victims are ready.

“We have constructed temporary shelters and prepared food and none food items that they will receive soom as they arrive in Mozambique,” said Tembe.

However, the Mozambican government has issued a stern warning to the repatriated citizens that they should never expect any future support if they remain to stay in flood prone areas once they are back to their respective places in Mozambique.

The warning was issued by the High Commissioner for Mozambique to Malawi, Elias Zimba on Friday during the repatriation of survivors of Tropical Storm Ana at Bangula camp in the district.

Zimba said his government has prepared to support all the survivors currently being repatriated to their country in Mozambique with food staffs for 30 days, non food items and also relocating them to upland areas where they have secured land and are constructing some shelters for them.

On his part, Commissioner for Department of Disaster Management Affairs in Malawi, Charles Kalemba thanked the government of Mozambique for remembering to repatriate its people who have been in their custody for six months since January this year.

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