Police on manhunt for Robbers who steal K10 Million in Nsanje


Police in Nsanje have launched a manhunt for robbers who have threatened to kill a businessman, Wyson Chitseko and stole K10 million from him in Bangula.

The Incident happened during the night of July 19 to July 20, 2020.

Nsanje Police Spokesperson, Agnes Zalakoma said after taking the super, Chitseko and his family went to bed and the money amounting to K10 million realised from the sale was safely kept inside his house.

Zalakoma said, “The victim told us that they were 15 criminals in number who broke into the house, threaten and attack him before going away with the money.

“We understand that the victim is a businessman who runs a business selling farm produce at the Bangula Trading Centre,” explained Zalakoma.

Meanwhile, investigations are underway in the district to net the culprits.

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