Police swept 76 in Anti-judiciary protests in Lilongwe


Police in Lilongwe arrested 76 people on Wednesday over anti-judiciary demonstrations that were held in Lilongwe.

The High Court, on Tuesday evening granted an injunction, stopping the organisers from going ahead with their plan of holding demonstrations.

There was heavy security presence in Lilongwe as despite the injunction a several people still went ahead with their plans.

A grouping of individuals trading under the banner Human Rights Ambassadors held protests in the capital city against what they are calling selective Administration of justice by the country’s judiciary system.

Among others the grouping is asserting that people from the southern region especially from the Lomwe belt are being targeted by the judiciary.

In the injunction, Judge Mdeza observed that there was need for the organizers of the protests to clearly state out who will be held responsible in the event that the demos turn violent and property is destroyed as argued by the claimants.

Lilongwe police spokesperson, Hastings Chigalu said the arrested protesters are being charged with unlawful assembly, contempt of court and inciting violence.

Among those arrested include Kingsley Mpaso, Phunziro Mvula, Billy Banda, Jonathan Phiri, Victor Nyenyeliwa, Harale Aubrey, Edward Kambenje and Chimwemwe Mphepo.

Meanwhile, Chigalu ignored social media reports that a police officer has been killed during the protests.

Minister of information, Gospel Kazaka who is also government spokesperson, has warned that the acts of lawlessness will not be entertained in the country.

Demonstrations included closing of roads, looting shops and pelting stones at vehicles.

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