Mzimba road accident claim one man’s life


A truck driver who is currently unknown, has died near Mzimba bridge after being hit by a vehicle when his freight liner truck was on breakdown after he went out of fuel.

The accident involved motor vehicle registration number MZ 25554/RU 9573 Scania tanker being driven by Benard Nyirenda, 47 of Bolero village, T/A Wasambo, district Karonga and motor vehicle registration number NS 314 TATA light lorry driven by Christopher Chiwaya, 29 of Chikamphula village, T/A Chakhaza, district Dowa.

The accident occurred on Sunday July 17, 2022 at about 1900 hours at Mzimba bridge along Jenda-Mzuzu M1 road.

The driver of Scania tanker, Benard Nyirenda was driving from the direction of Jenda heading Mzuzu, and on arrival after Mzimba bridge while ascending he was following another motor vehicle registration number NS 314 TATA light lorry which was being driven by Christopher Chiwaya and was going same direction.

As they were both ascending, the front motor vehicle registration number NS 314 reduced speed after realizing that there was a stationary motor vehicle in front which ran out of fuel.

Since the Scania tanker driver was following too close he ended up hitting the front motor vehicle registration number NS 314 and as a result the driver lost control of the motor vehicle and ended up overturning to the extreme nearside dirty verge and in the process of overturning he also hit the unknown male driver who stood near his stationary motor vehicle registration number ZA1202/TO 6690 Freight liner truck.

Following the impact the unknown male driver sustained severe head injuries and multiple fractures on both legs.

He was pronounced dead upon arrival at Mzimba district hospital. Investigations are under way to establish full details of the deceased.

Police in the district advise road users to avoid driving too close to avoid such accidents.

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