DPP calls for ACB to reveal Sattar’s bribe beneficiaries


The former ruling party, Democratic Progressive has called on the Anti-Corruption Bureau to come out with the whole list of people who benefitted from the United Kingdom-based businessman, Zuneth Sattar’s bribe saying the Bureau has the obligation.

During the Presidential National Address at state house last month, President of the Republic, Dr Lazarus Chakwera said the report submitted by the ACB shows that Zuneth Sattar’s corruption is deeply entrenched and it has affected a number of sectors.

Public officers from Malawi Defence Force (MDF), Malawi police, Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA), Office of President and Cabinet, Office of the Vice President, Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB),Judiciary, ministry of Finance, ministry Information, ministry Tourism, Homeland Security, received funds from Zuneth Sattar according to Bureau’s report.

President Lazarus Chakwera said the report has disclosed that 53 public officers and former public officers received money from Sattar between March 2021 and October 2021.
31 individuals from private sector and the media also received money from the UK based Business man.
This brings the total of beneficiaries to 84.

However, Speaking during the DPP pressing in Mangochi at Page House on Sunday, Charles Mhango who was making a presentation on behalf of the party’s legal team says the truth should be laid bare.

“What did vice president Dr Saulos Chilima mean when he recently raised the issue of immunity of the president?” wondered Mhango who eventually brought the Chichewa saying that goes “Nsomba ikamaola siyambira kumchira, koma kumutu.”

The vice president Dr Saulos Chilima was speaking during the National pressing held at the party’s headquarters Area 10 in Lilongwe raised the need to amend the Constitution of Malawi especially the section that provides the President with immunity.

The Vice President’s remarks come days after Chakwera announced that he has coerced delegated duties from Chilima who is being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Bureau and UK’s National Crime Agency on allegations that he received money from businessperson Zuneth Sattar.

Chilima said the amendment of the section 91(2) of the Constitution was one of the agendas of the Tonse Alliance and UTM strongly advocated for it saying it provides undue protection to the occupant of the office of President of this country.

Chilima said, “This is why during the campaign period, we, in UTM, strongly advocated for the amendment of section 91(2) of the Constitution of Malawi which provides undue protection to the occupant of the office of the President of this country.

“This provision provides for the immunity of the President from criminal prosecution. While we salute the fact that the Vice President of this country can, and must be investigated or prosecuted for criminal wrongdoing, it is completely misplaced that Presidents of this country have a veil of constitutional protection from criminal prosecution through immunity while in office.”

The remarks raised suspicion from Malawian who thought that the president of Malawi may also be involved in the malpractice.

Charles Mhango said the Chakwera administration has, two years into office, failed to implement the constitutional changes he pledged such as reduction of presidential powers.

“The only thing they are doing is to persecute the opposition. The president is interfering in the work of the ACB. He is doing it tacktly by making unnecessary public statements. We don’t understand why,” Mhango says claiming that those who are committing offences and are high level and are not being mentioned.

He said when the former Inspector General was arrested, he was granted bail within the same day “and so too Rev Thom”.

“That is not justice. That is not rule of law. Senior officials who have allegations of corruption over their heads are still working in this administration and president Chakwera is doing nothing,” says Mhango.

Mhango says while Chakwera earlier said nobody at state house was involved in the Zuneth Sattar, he has not been acting as expected but instead “he is trying to divert public attention by arresting people for contractual issues” an apparent reference to the arrest of businessman Leston Mulli.

“These people will trouble us. We insist that as he had promised, president Chakwera should resign,” he says.

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