Flood survivors in Chikwawa receive a relief


Flood survivors in Chikwawa who were relocated to upper areas have received a relief as the Chikwawa Diocese announce to construct them houses under Group Village Headman Iso, in the area of Traditional Authority Katunga in Chikwawa District.

Father Isaac Jackson who represented Bishop Musikuwa was speaking during District Civil Protection Committee at hope Lodge in the district said the project will be funded Pope Francis.

He added that they are targeting to bail out vulnerable people like child headed families, Female headed families and the disabled people.

People in Chikwawa suffered Cyclone Ana and Gombe earlier this year, a disaster that left them in plight as their crops, houses and livestock were washed away.

Father Jackson said Right Reverend Musikuwa was the one who championed the initiative when he visited different areas within the diocese to appreciate the effects of the disaster.

Musikuwa said, “Right Reverend Musikuwa was touched by the impact of the disaster and he observes that other people are willing to go to upper areas, prompting to write lobby funds from Pope Francis to help them.”

Meanwhile, Humphreys Magalasi, relief and Rehabilitation Officer for Chikwawa District Council thanked the Diocese for the support.

Magalasi has since asked other stakeholders to follow suit.

Chikwawa district council, Community Development Officer, Maxmoss Governor advised Chikwawa Diocese to consider constructing environmental friendly infrastructures as a lesson to communities to avoid environmental degradation during house construction.

He further added that being the donor, Pope Francis an Environmental Advocate champion and there was need to use cement bricks for environmental conservation.

Pope Francis is reportedly to have sourced the money from Vatican after a call by Bishop Peter Musikuwa. And 60,000 united states dollars (approximately K61,605,780.00) was realised.

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