During colonialism no European power was interested in Botswana because they thought it had no resources, and thus it was spared from colonialism.

But because they were surrounded by land grabbing Germans in Namibia and Afrikaners in South Africa, the chiefs in Botswana approached Britain for protection.

Botswana became a British protectorate from 1895 until 1966 when they were left on their own with no infrastructures and it was a very poor country.

Everything changed in 1967 when they hit the jackpot. They discovered one of the largest diamond deposits in the world.

Unlike in most African countries that are plagued by resource curse, Botswana’s leaders ulitised and continue to use their resources for the betterment of their people and the country.

Today Botswana has the GDP Per Capita of $8000 one of the highest in Africa.

Their infrastructures are among the best in Africa.

Their citizens have access to free education, health services and many others.

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