Police arrest two over K11 million fake banknotes


Police in Kanengo, Lilongwe are keeping in custody two people identified as Cecelia Mhango and Tifusenji uko for allegedly possessing fake currency amounting to K11 million.

Kanengo Police publicist Grace Kayisi said Mwango who is considered as the first suspect claims to have received the money from her friend based in the Republic of South Africa on June 3, 2022 with the aim of banking and keeping it safe for her.

According to Kayisi, the first suspect deposited the fake banknotes and she also took K200,000.00 and give it to the second suspect Uko as a loan.

Kanengo Police publicist further stated that after getting the money, Uko shared the money to a business friend who kept it at home in order to use it the following day unfortunately, Uko’s servant stole K5000 banknote and went for transactions at a bottle store in Area 25 Sector 2 where the fake note was recognised.

“Afterwards, the issue was reported to Kanengo Police Station, leading to arrest of the two suspects and thereafter Police conducted a search to the house of Mwango and Uko which led to the discovery of the fake bank notes amounting to K11 million,” she added.

She then said the two will appear before court soon to answer charges of being found in possession of fake currency as officials from the Reserve Bank of Malawi were contacted and confirmed that the banknotes are fake.

Cecelia Mwango, 37 is from Ngolowera Village, Traditional Authority Chikumbu in Mulanje District while Tifusenji Uko, 40 is from Machinjiri, Blantyre.