Silver Strikers unveil five-year strategic planning


Silver Strikers Football Club has unveiled their five-year strategic planning that will will embark on number of projects including the construction of a recreation centre within their premises in area 47 Lilongwe to expand its revenue base.

The Central Bankers receive their financial sponsorship from the Reserve of Malawi but the Club’s Chief Executive Officer, Thokozan Chimbali says the plan is part of the commercialisation drive that the Club embarked on since 2020 to complement the support that they get from their bosses.

Speaking on a day long supporters orientation meeting in Lilongwe, Chimbali.

“We will declare the project once we are done with it. We can also construct it beyond our premises. It’s a state development and we believe that the project will be appreciated as time goes by. There are several projects that we have lined up. “

Chimbali further said that they are now working on engaging owners of the land and sponsors.

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