Kaphale seeking amendment sheet, on Mwanamveka’s case


Mwanamveka’s lawyer, Kalekeni Kaphale, is seeking an amendment of the charge sheet, saying there are some areas that need clarity before trial commences.

On the count of abuse of office, Kaphale points out that the charge sheet must reflect specific dates when Mwanamvekha influenced officers using his position.

He also seeks an outline of names of the said officers in the charge sheet to ascertain what he is really being accused of.

On another count charged against Mwanamvekha, the lawyer wants the charge sheet to indicate precise dates when the accused may have influenced officers to engage in fraudulent acts.

Kaphale tells the court that the charges indicated are relating to incidents that occurred in 2018, but Mwanamvekha became a cabinet minister in 2019.

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