Poor performance forces Civo to hold a meeting with technical


Pressure is mounting on the Civil Service United technical panel headed by Coach Oscar as the team has failed to secure a slot in Airtel top 8 Cup for the first time since the start of the tournament in 2017.

The Pride of Lilongwe has finished the first round of Super League out of the top 8 with 17 points and they sit 10th a performance that the Club’s board is overwhelmed with.

The Servants have missed the slot following their 2-1 defeat to Dedza Dynamos last Sunday.

Civil Service United general Secretary Ronald Chiwaula says they are arranging to hold a meeting with the technical panel next week to explain the reasons behind the Club’s miserable performance in the first round of the Super League.

Chawla said, “It’s very unfortunate that the team that held expectations from people before this season that it will produce great results have failed to do so.

“We tried to build the team in pre-season by releasing players and recruiting others. We roped in 11 players and we had hope in the team but things have not gone to our plan.

“We play Airtel Top 8 every year and I cannot explain the reasons behind the Club’s poor performance and we will hold talks with the technical panel. “

Chiwaula added that they don’t owe money to any player.

Sports analyst, Doctor Kaponda Masiye said it’s very shameful that the Club like Civo is this year not participating in Airtel Top 8.

He said, “In 2016 during Melias Jegwe Pofera, the Club finished the first round with 19 and he git sacked claiming that the Club was not performing. Now this year, they are on 17 points and I except the same thing happened to Jegwe to happen to this technical panel.

“They have quality players and we all know that they are playing good football. Their poor performance means that there is something wrong and the board needs to look at it.”

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