Golomoti Solar Plant Shuts down, prolonged Blackout follows


Some parts of Malawi are expected to experience prolonged blackouts as the Golomoti Solar Power plant has shut down which has affected the power supply capacity.

Escom spokesperson Kitty Chingota has confirmed the development saying they are working on the technical fault to fix the problem.

“We are experiencing power shedding as Golomoti Solar Power plant is down. It is also being coupled with Cloudy cover. So we are hopeful that by end of today they should be done with fixing the problem.

She further apologised to their customers for the inconvenience caused.

However, Consumer activist John Kapito says the country has not registered any significant power change since the installation of the Power plant.

“The plant was commissioned only two months ago and we have not seen any significant change,” said Kapito.

Malawi is facing back to back power outage after losing 120 MegaWatts because of the tropical storm Ana and Gombe that wrecked Kapichira Hydropower station earlier this year.

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