Money stolen at AG’s office rises to K283


The state prosecutors on Thursday revealed that the amount of money suspected to have been stolen at the Accountant General’s office has jumped from K159 million to K283 million.

The prosecutors confirmed during the hearing of a bail application of four accountants at the AG’s office, Angelina Mbale, Angela Chiphiko, Hastings Genela and Anderson Mwakiyelu who were arrested on Thursday.

The four were additional people who were added to the list of other five accounts personnel who were arrested and released on bail last week bringing the total number of suspects to 9.

They appeared before Chief Resident Magistrate Madalitso Khoswe Chimwaza to be formally informed of their confinement. Their bail hearing is on Monday.

The prosecutors also hinted that more people will be arrested as the investigations are underway.

“The money has risen from K159 million to K283 million and more arrests are expected as investigations continue,” State Prosecutor Isaac Kadawayula said.

Kadawayula asked the court not to release the suspects on bail as the matter is still under investigation.

“The matter has attracted public interest, if the accused are released on bail they may compromise our investigations and could interfere with state witnesses,” he told the court.

Nevertheless, one of the lawyers representing the accused persons, Ronald Phombeya, said the state has not demonstrated to the court how the accused persons could interfere with the investigations.

The accountants have been arrested on suspicion that they were getting money from various government agencies through allowances.

The five who were arrested last week are: Estone Nephan Sani, Kondwani Luka, Phylis Kainja, Micuis Chikapusa and Verekeni Mpinganjira, on a similar charge.

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