Martse’s death investigation ready- Police


Malawi Police have announced that they have concluded investigations into the death of Hip-Hop rapper, the late Martin Martse Nkhata who died from fire burns in May this year.

Shocked by the Martse’s death, during the funeral ceremony at Civo Stadium in Lilongwe, the government ordered the Malawi Police Service to thoroughly investigate the cause of his death.

Deputy national police spokesperson Harry Namwaza in his statement said that the fire that burnt the house which late Nkhata was sleeping in was caused by an illegal electricity connection tapped from a neighbours house.

Martse died at the age of 28 and is largely considered by many as probably the greatest Rapper to grace the Malawi music scene.

Namwaza says police will be sharing the findings of the report with the Nkhatas Family as well as government.

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