Zambian envoy to Malawi meet Chakwera on strengthen bilateral ties


The new Zambian Ambassador to Malawi, Panji Kaunda on Tuesday toured Malawi where he gave Dr Chakwera letters of credence as Malawi and Zambia are committed to promote bilateral relations.

Making the remarks after presenting letters of credence to State President Dr Lazarus Chakwera in Lilongwe, His excellence Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Panji Kaunda says the two countries need to normalize free passage of their citizens hence boosting the trade and economy.

Kaunda added that Zambia and Malawi are one as such movement of people and goods should be simplified.

Among top priorities that Dr Chakwera and Kaunda discussed are road transport and the opening of the one’s stoke boarder post which will promote swift clearance of goods.

Kaunda said, “My role here sent by the president is to cement further business relationship that has been there for many years. We are in an era of economics. We must work together as one to boost our economy. Working as a single country it will not help.

“We need to harmonize the relationship between the two countries not only between politicians but the people on the ground. “

Taking his turn, Dr Chakwera said was pleased that Malawi’s relationship with Zambia continue thriving.

He said, “Malawi and Zambia share a rich history, such as the struggle for independence from the late 50s and achieved our respective feats in the early 60s.

“Save for the colonial boundaries imposed on us decades ago, the two countries have striking historic similarities in many aspects that make our social, cultural and lingual cohesion even more pronounced.

“It is from this likeness that we both desire to exploit economic opportunities for our people via trade, investment, tourism, cultural and education exchanges.

“While both countries sit far from coastal access, we have resolved to use the existing trade routes like Sena, Mtwara and Nacala Corridors to enhance economic growth. Further, we will facilitate meaningful trade by continuing with the one-border post, road, railway and aviation projects between the two countries.

“I wish High Commissioner Kaunda a fruitful stay in Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa.”

Panji Kaunda is a son to first Zambia President, late Dr Kenneth Kaunda and was appointed by Zambian President, Hakainde Hichilema to represent the country as Malawi’s Ambassador.

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