Loans Board Fraud Suspects await Court Bail


Chief Resident Magistrate Madalitso Khoswe Chimwaza is expected to deliver his rulling on the bail application of the fraud case involving two officials from the High Education Students Loans and Grant Board.

The two suspects are Board communication manager success Sikwese and board manager, Chimwemwe Kaphagawani were arrested for allegedly misappropriating funds of about K334 million meant for needy students.

Appearing before the magistrate court in Lilongwe, the two pleaded not guilty to the charges of two charges levelled against them. They are answering charges of theft by a person employed in the public service and money rendering.

But state pleaded with the court to consider the two still being remanded at Maula Prison on the ground that they need more time to investigate the matter further to its logical conclusion.

The state objected to the defence to have the two granted bail on the ground that they might jeopardise their bail conditions.

However, the Lawyer for the accused William Chiwaya displeased with the court arguing the two could not impede the ongoing investigation as they are no longer working with the board.

He said, “They indicated that after finalizing their investigations, they will bring the proper charges. So they call them holding charges.

“On that, it’s when we pointed out that if they are yet to finalise investigations, that means there are possibilities that they may be cleared as well since investigations may also point to they are being not involved. So they should be treated as innocent until the investigation is done and there is evidence before the court supporting that they were involved in the charges that they have been accused of.”

Meanwhile, Chief Resident magistrate Madalitso Chimwaza has since adjourned the case to Friday this week to make his ruling on the defence application for the two suspects to be granted bail.

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