Child Care in Chikwawa in need of Support


A Child Care Institution in Chikwawa, Mustard Seed Communities, has come out appealing for support following challenges the Institution is facing in order to provide total care for its children.

Among others, the institution is seeking for support in areas of food, beddings and clothes.

Flora Kaphantengo, Board Chairperson for Mustard Seed Communities has Malawi Guardian that due to the increasing number of orphans and underprivileged children at their facility, it is now difficult for them to care for the children.

“In order to accommodate more children, we are planning to construct a large home large enough to house a large number of children, particularly from the lower shire Valley District of Chikwawa.

“Our wish is to accommodate, train, and educate more of these vulnerable children to become reliable citizens of Malawi,” Kaphantengo said.

In his remarks, Aaron Macheka, Chikwawa District Social Welfare Officer, stated that they are aware of the situation at Mustard Seed just like other institutions in the district.

He went on to say that it is everyone’s responsibility to care for these children, not just the child care institutions.

“The responsibility for these children must be shared by the parents, the Chief, and other stakeholders,” Macheka added.

Mustard Seed Communities is a Chikwawa-based Child Care Institution that was founded in Jamaica and began operations in Malawi in 2016.

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