Unknown people murder business man in Nsanje


A well-known businessman in Nsanje recognized as Zee Samson from Mtema Village, Traditional Authority Ndamera was found dead on Sunday night along Mtintha-Mtema Road in the district.

Zuze Samson (now deceased) was doing businesses of exchanging money, (Kwacha to Mozambican Meticals), Mobile Money agent (Mukuru, TNM Mpamba and AirtelMoney) among others at Mtowe Market.

According to the source, Zuze was moving from his business place to his home, (Mtema Village) and he got assaulted along the way.

Last year, Zuze single-handed killed a well-known thief popularly known as Ung’onong’ono who broke into his house to steal Money.

During the afternoon, Nsanje Police Spokesperson Agnes Zalakoma told Malawi Guardian that they had launched a manhunt to find the suspects.

Zalakoma explained, “On July 3 night around 9 pm, Samson left his business place, Mtowe trading centre on his newly bought motorbike Lifan Red in colour and unregistered.

“His wife received a phone call from his husband’s number informing her that her husband has been severely injured but the caller did not mention his name.”

She added that the wife, Joyce Zuzs informed the relatives who followed information and found his husband Samson down in a pool of blood while already dead.

It is reported that the criminals went away with the motorbike, a handbag containing money amounting to K600,000.00 and one cell phone belonging to the deceased.

Police and health workers visited the scene after being told and postmortem investigations showed that the death was caused by severe loss of blood.

The Malawi Guardian has been told that some of the culprits have been caught in Village Head Man Mailos from T/A Ndamera, Malikinzi who also does the business of exchanging kwacha to Mozambican Meticals, among others.

The Malawi Guardian has been told that some of the culprits have been caught in Gulumba Village, T/A Ndamera. Village Headman Mailosi from the same area and Malikinzi have been caught.

Investigations are underway to find other criminals.

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